Albrizzi Capello Palace

The Guatemala National Pavilion, located in the historic Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Palazzo Albrizzi, located at number 4118 of Cannaregio, in the seventeenth century it was owned by the Albrizzi family on the occasion of the marriage of Elena Capello with Giuseppe Albrizzi. The Capello family, originally from Capua, were among the first owners of the Palazzo, built in the 16th century by the Contarini family.

The building presents the structure of Casa Fondaco, with elegant Portego and side rooms.

The central hall on the main floor is decorated with Ticinese school stuccoes and frescoes by the Tiepolesca School.

The fillers are made with great finesse. The attribution has not been defined yet, it could be the work of the last Tencalla or Castelli.

The Sala della Pace of the Noble floor has walls covered with damask and retains an elegant ceiling of Guarana.

The building is also famous for hosting other prestigious contemporary art exhibitions of international importance.