La Marge – ed. 2017 Art

The Guatemala National Pavilion is represented by the exhibition entitled “La Marge”. The margin is the subject of this exposure and is analyzed by the artists invited through the various semantic facets and on different meanings.

The margin is the extreme borderline of a surface, the place of conjunction between two different material realms, therefore it is always contaminated, ambiguous, morbid.

The white space of a page is itself an integral part of the novel, whilst not using the linguistic alphabet; it serves to dictate the reading times, closing paragraphs or chapters, and literature not read.

The barriletes, namely known as the painted kites of Guatemala, are the meeting point between the sky and earth, the tradition and the present.

The Maya minorities that resist the highlands of Guatemala, are none other than the “marginal” persistence of cultures and splendour extinct from subjugation, colonialism, from the reduction into slavery.

The icon is different from the Opera of art as it differs by this for its marginal valence: in fact it is positioned between the visible and invisible world. It differs from art understood as Representation being as it is only Manifestation.

The gems represent important moments of life’s process: winter stops the growth of plants but in the trees they emerge, memory and traces of a past life, the germ of future life. The gems are like volcanoes since they have the life of the fire.

Through these and other iconographic ideas the “La Marge” exhibition is built, dreamy examination of humanitarian folds; an exhibition attentive to the poetic sensibility of the artists, to the lyricism of oneiric images, imaginative, naive therefore pure.

The exhibition is constructed through a sacred path similar to that of the ancient temples with a centre plan, where in peristyle / ambulacrum you meet freighted works of mystical and supernatural values until reaching the nàos, the cell occupied by liturgical and hieratic divinity of the technological progress, a deity however, affirmed and contradicted, since bent on “Nature” real lady “supernatural” of the existence. The artists are called to reflect on the theme of the exhibition are: César Barrios, Lourdes de la Riva, El círculo mágico, Arturo Monroy, Andrea Prandi, Erminio Tansini, Elsie Wunderlich